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We are looking for sports clubs, sports coaches, entrepreneurs or anyone who has a passion to inspire young children to get active,  to set up a Teddy Tennis business in LA.

Teddy Tennis is taught all over the world but has not arrived in California yet!

Teddy Tennis will be a massive hit here: to find out more just email us with you name, email and phone number and we will contact you.

Book a Class

All our business partners have access to our very comprehensive on line back-office system which also enables you to set up classes for booking and payment via this website.

Young children have a very limited attention span and and a small vocabulary, this makes teaching them anything challenging; this is not the case with Teddy Tennis.

What makes Teddy Tennis special is that our teaching system is based on using Music and Pictures.  If you check out this website you will find out more about how this works but we also thought you may like to hear a sample of the music we play in Teddy Tennis.  We have over 60 songs in our portfolio but here we have selected one song we think you might like.

Los Angeles

We are looking for business partners in the LA area who will be able to welcome hundreds of kids to their new Teddy Tennis programme.  With the right location and right coaches Teddy Tennis will be a huge success here.

In August 2019 Teddy Tennis was launched in New Orleans; within a matter of a few weeks all our classes there were full; the same will happen here too.

Head Ted

Head Ted is the name we in Teddy Tennis give to the lead coach.

In every Teddy Tennis lesson Head Ted using the unique Teddy Tennis coaches manual that contains full colour illustrations of teddy bears demonstrating how to play Teddy Tennis.  Young children are totally captivated by these pictures and is this that captures their imagination and their attention.


Course & Contact Details
+44 345 643 1173

Teddy Tennis Lessons last 50 minutes and follow a carefully created curriculum that provides a structured teaching system which the children not only find very easy to follow but with which they have great fun too.

We run Teddy Tennis Lessons, Teddy Tennis Holiday Camps and Teddy Tennis Birthday Parties for children aged 2 to 5+ years old and who are either beginners or improvers.

Venue Information

Teddy Tennis can be played anyway, indoors or outdoors that there is a safe flat playing area with a surface on which the balls can bounce; we do not need a tennis court.

Most Teddy Tennis lessons are given in nurseries, kindergartens, churches and JCCs…. but tennis and country clubs have the programme too.

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