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Teddy Tennis Karachi

Teddy Tennis is a Sports Education Program that inspires children aged 2½-6 years to get active and learn to play tennis.

Head Ted
Farhan Wahid
Farhan Wahid, ex Pakistan No.2 in Juniors, a PTR certified Professional has 30 + years of experience in Tennis. Commitments in his family business and establishing his own fashion brand kept him busy and away from the tennis scene. Considering the current nose dive situation of Tennis in Pakistan, he finally decided to open his own Tennis academy in Karachi Gymkhana to bring more children into tennis and make them fall in love with the sport.
One thing he strongly believes that if the children start loving tennis, they’ll continue to play tennis, and hopefully one of them will pursue tennis professionally and become the pride of Pakistan. Following this philosophy he has started two ventures;
1. Baseline Tennis Academy which targets children 5 years and above. From Beginners to advanced players can join this academy.
2. Teddy Tennis which is a UK based Franchise, an interactive sports educational program which inspires children aged 2.5 years to 5 years old to get active and learn to play tennis.
Both ventures are currently being run at Karachi Gymkhana tennis courts. Farhan Wahid plans to expand the programs to different locations of Karachi and then further expand in different cities of Pakistan.
He wants Tennis to be as popular as Cricket is in Pakistan. To achieve this he is also working on ways to develop more tennis courts in Karachi so tennis can be accessed by everyone. He also wants to emphasize the benefits of Tennis. The physical benefits for those who want to enjoy Tennis and improve their physical health; and the monetary benefits for those who want to make it a career.
Farhan also provides a career pathway for all the children who want to continue playing tennis professionally and is open to guide players and their parents on how to plan their tennis journey.
Baseline Tennis Academy has just started and is working for the betterment of Tennis in Pakistan.
Course & Contact Details

We are offering the following courses from July – Sept 2018

  1. Charlie Bear Team (For 4-6 years old – Beginner Level) Every Monday 6-7pm
  2. Tiny Teddies Team (For 2-3 years old) Every Friday 6-7pm
  3. Danny Bear Team (For 3-4 years old – Beginner Level) Every Friday 6-7pm
Venue Information

Karachi Gymkhana was founded in 1886 exclusively for its members. Karachi Gymkhana specifically rated as one of the largest club in Asia in view of its membership and sports facilities.

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