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Of all the sports and all the programs available in Egypt, Teddy Tennis is by far the best we’ve seen. As a mom and early years practitioner, it is the only place that is truly age-appropriate. The intervals, the activities, the music and dance, the rewards and certificates… everything! Both the content and delivery are exceptional. The team is passionate and the leadership is meticulous and professional. They care so deeply for the sport. A solid vision. When they believe and encourage, they enable and empower the little ones. The program carefully designed and broken down so no matter how big or small the exercise appears to be, they are building a strong foundation. All while having fun! The competition is friendly and there is no stress whatsoever from coaches. For me it was very important to see my daughter happy and enjoying. I always follow her lead and here we are – the biggest fans! Its never a “practice”, always a fun hour. I genuinely can’t recommend it enough. I love that the program builds a love for the sport. Very delicate balance and drive in this young age. It is a very positive experience. My daughter looks forward to it every week and we will be so sad when it comes to an end because we know no place can top that ❤

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