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Ready Teddy Go! Getting the love for sport at a very young age! Teddy Tennis Sessions are serving up fun and skill development unforgettable experience that young children love. 

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To book your child on to a Teddy Tennis class see below

  • Scroll down to the green banners, choose a venue and click
  • If you have booked before you will just need to input your email to access your registration.
  • Any issues please message us on our business Whatsapp on +201032409806


Welcome to Teddy Tennis! Since September 2019, we have been teaching over 2000 children From nurseries to sports clubs, our engaging program focuses on fundamental skills like :

  • Agility
  • Coordination,
  • Catching, throwing, and racket control.

But the biggest benefit we offer is confidence. Our lessons progress each week, helping children develop and succeed. Join Teddy Tennis today and watch your child grow both on and off the court. Enroll now!


Head Ted

Mayar Khattab

Course & Contact Details
+20 103 240 9806

We offer classes for the following age groups / levels:

Tiny Teddies (2 and young 3’s) – All levels

Danny Bear (3 and young 4’s) – Beginners & Improvers

Amanda Panda (4 and young 5’s) – Beginners & Improvers

Advanced 4 year olds can join the     Head Ted Group

Head Ted (5 and young 6 year olds) – All levels

Venue Information

Cairo, Egypt’s sprawling capital, is set on the Nile River. It is the country’s largest city. In Gezira Island’s leafy Zamalek district, 187m Cairo Tower affords panoramic city views.

Our Location
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