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Welcome to Teddy Tennis


So much more than just Tennis

We respect each and every child who comes to our Teddy Tennis class.  A child will leave the lesson feeling confident that they are achieving their skills and also challenged and willing to return to play again.  They will learn core values of respecting themselves, each other, their equipment and each other’s space, develop polite communication skills when playing a sport and how to be part of a team. Healthy habits and ambition are promoted through the bears’ stories.  At Teddy Tennis it is important to us that a child’s skills are developed but also that they grow into an all rounded sportsman who is fair and honorable.

Head Ted

Teddy Tennis Cyprus is delivered by Marina and her dream team of trained Teddy Tennis coaches.  This franchise was brought to Cyprus by Marina, a mum with a passion for tennis and a goal to provide a fun educational activity for children that would promote healthy choices and an active lifestyle.

Where you can play Teddy Tennis?

Your school/nursery may offer Teddy Tennis lessons or you may enroll at the Teddy Tennis Academy afternoon classes at your nearest location.

Private Lessons

30-60 minute private sessions are available.  Please contact us to reserve your spot.

This is a great opportunity for any child between 2-6 looking to advance their tennis skills and coordination in a fun way.

Two Teddy Tennis Sessions / week:

Does your child love Teddy Tennis and wants more than one lesson per week? Contact us for more information and to discuss the benefits of doing more than one session a week.

Mini Tennis Development:

After graduation from the Teddy Tennis Academy programme, children aged 6-11 may progress to Mini Tennis Development.  Contact us for more information.

Tiny Teddies:

This is where the cub cadet’s Teddy Tennis adventure may begin. Please dress them in sports/comfortable attire and bring a water bottle.  Children aged 2 are welcome and either with the help of their parent or coach will be gently guided to take part in the games.  This helps develop confidence, coordination and communication skills in a social, safe environment.  And as our motto goes Sports, Music and Fun for the very Young!

Teddy Tennis Parties, Holiday Clubs, Play dates and Events

We do parties too! Contact us for our party packages.

Summer, Christmas and Easter Clubs run through the holidays.

Play dates are a new fun activity to entertain a small group of children and may be a one-off event or a weekly/fort-nightly/monthly date.  The parents may relax whilst their children are being entertained and learning a fun sport at your home or location of choice.

Events at family fun days, parks and play areas are arranged occasionally.  These are posted on the website and facebook page.  To get instant updates you may like us on Teddy Tennis Cyprus facebook page or visit our website.

Course & Contact Details
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Teddy Tennis Academy afternoon clubs

Please call to find your nearest location or to get one started near you!

Schools and Nurseries
We offer a quality programme at schools and nurseries in the mornings or afternoons.  This is either provided by the school or as an extra activity that parents may enroll their child to.

To inquire about Teddy Tennis becoming a part of your school or nursery curriculum you may contact us. We are happy to discuss your options according to your procedures and budget.

If you are a parent who wants Teddy Tennis at your child’s nursery, please contact us or tell your nursery Director about us.

We deliver exceptional lessons to these schools and nurseries on a weekly basis:

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